Infrastructure & Hosting

QLogitek is Canadian pioneer, and an innovator in providing data centre infrastructure and hosting services. We follow an unparalleled approach of operating in a system agnostic manner to ensure businesses have the freedom to utilize best-of-breed and innovative technologies. Our proposed services are cost-effective and tailored to clients’ needs.

Custom Services Suited to Your Business

Managed IT Services 

We provide management, monitoring, operations and maintenance of network, server, storage and backup infrastructure. These are based on a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) derived from an ITIL-based service catalogue. Typical Managed IT Services clients consist of mission critical, high-availability virtualized environments operating on CISCO, Juniper, F5 and Barracuda-based networking infrastructure.

Dedicated and Federated Managed Hosting 

Our hosting models provide the highest level of isolation required by some government agencies, healthcare providers and corporations. We build and operate self-contained systems that do not rely on shared services or equipment. In some cases, QLogitek staff are 100% dedicated to supporting and managing client environments.

Dedicated Private Cloud Services

This service allows organizations to protect the confidential nature of the information they are storing and processing, while leveraging the value of the cloud in a closed and private environment. We operate a hypervisor agnostic cloud platform designed and built to client specifications.

Managed Services and Environment 

We provide a hybrid of a private and a shared system model, whereby some of the underlying network and storage infrastructure is shared between multiple clients. This type of model is typically deployed to host public-facing websites or information systems when data privacy is not a concern. This model utilizes virtualized security to isolate different client systems.

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery 

We offer a Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery service that combines local and remote storage, which in turn provides high availability in the event of a disaster or a system failure. We utilize encryption, both in flight and when at rest to ensure confidentiality. Clients gain peace of mind knowing their data is fully protected.

Keeping Pace with Industry Compliances

Given the changing requirements within industries to ensure heightened security, our hosting centres are fully certified for businesses that are subject to the following:

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